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A motherboard is that the most essential element of any laptop build as a result of it defines compatibility and upgradability of a system. it’s liable for establishing an affiliation between different parts of a pc that arguably makes it vital.

If you’re unsure concerning that motherboard you wish to urge, this is often the right guide for you. we’ll be discussing the performing on a motherboard, It’s compatibility and completely different kind issue, Followed by our recommendations for the simplest motherboards.

Different Sizes Of Motherboard

Motherboard sizes square measure spoken as form-factors, which might be confusing if you don’t understand what they mean. during this section, we’ll take a glance at every form-factor and what’s the distinction between all of them.

How to select the simplest motherboard?


We discuss every motherboard size in nice detail later during this article. Here could be a fast outline of it.

  • Mini-ITX – nice choice for HTPC and compact recreation builds. you’ll be able to build transportable computers. These square measure Ideal for low-performance orientating systems.
  • Micro-ATX – These square measure nice for budget-friendly builds, most mATX parts value considerably but Mini-ITX, this is often as a result of their producing and design don’t need such high definition. These also are nice for HTPC, and compact recreation builds, mATX cases even go together with handles, thus these square measure simple to hold if you regularly be a part of or host LAM parties.
  • ATX – This form-factor is that the most typical and may be used for pretty much any reasonably build. they’re perceptibly larger than eatx vs atx motherboards. These square measure nice if you wish to skip the trouble of finding compatible elements and collecting them. As already mentioned, These square measure nice for pretty much any reasonably build, with enough area to supply, terribly effective cooling solutions are often enforced that makes them a superb selection for overclockers.
  • EATX – AN extended version of the ATX kind issue. nice for high-end workstations and recreation builds.

Motherboard shopping for guides for various form-factors

  • Best Mini-ITX mothebroards
  • Best Micro-ATX motherboards

Determining Compatibility

Motherboards square measure the central affiliation pathway for all the parts, there are often complications once it involves compatibility. Firstly, Let’s clarify what factors influence compatibility.

CPU Socket

It refers to the design a hardware uses, makers like Intel and AMD have their standards. Intel has LGA1151, LGA1150, etc; whereas AMD has, AM3+, AM4, etc.

The new eighth generation Intel processors use a similar socket as older generation (LGA 1151), nevertheless they’re not compatible with same motherboards, this is often due to minor design changes and implementation of recent options.

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