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If you are the kind to induce bored of continuously being the nice guy in your video games, maybe the coming Alchemy War: Clash of Magic may be your sort factor. It sees you wreaking disturbance on a fantastical land as await it… a supernatural devil.

The story unfolds during a place of mysticism and magic referred to as the Alchemy Continent. Its inhabitant’s area unit associate degree eclectic bunch, with lots of fantasy orcs and different weird creatures, knock concerning. The nice Devil himself has determined that he is a bit tired of all these “various peoples synchronic together” nonsense, then he decides to drag along a military, suppress any traitors, And debouch to reclaim the six kingdoms.

This is a correct RTS, with selections to be created relating to troop formations, once to carry or attack, once to surround your enemy, once to focus hearth, and once to bunker down and hold a chokepoint. You are conjointly needed to dispatch troops to explore your surroundings and close up any potential do-gooders.

There is a unit six differing kinds of magic to induce to grips with, together with hearth, ice, thunder, poison, light, and dark. Differing kinds of creature can have totally different resistances, and you will get to smartly match totally different categories along so as to make the optimum force for battle. Another cool feature is that the means that parcel forces you to adapt your formation and ways. For sure, Alchemy War isn’t any pushover.

Every battle plays to get into real-time, with high-stakes encounters usually leading to lost troops. So as to revive your recruits, you will have to collect expendable resources – thus it is best to play good and keep the maximum amount of your army alive as doable.

The modes on supply here embrace tower defense, boss battle, escort mode, endless mode, roguelike dungeon mode, and more. And with 100+ creatures to gather from half dozen distinct categories, together with human, orca, wild, undead, demon, and fantasy, there is a large indefinite amount to sink your teeth into here.

Every member of your army may be high-powered up by feeding them the proper kind of food. So, on high of all the nice RTS gameplay, Alchemy War will finally settle the controversy encompassing what orcs wish to eat best.

If you are fascinated by checking this one out, you will find it accessible for transfer over on Google Play. The developer has been creating some sizable changes to the core game recently, thus it’d briefly be down after you move to look. If that is the case, best keep an eye fixed out for once it pops duplicate.

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