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Today you will figure out how to state the names of various creatures in Spanish and increment your jargon of Spanish words. We should start with a learning-Spanish misstep cazare CAciulata I need to delineate for you so you can stay away from it:

Today I went to the “Zoológico” (zoo) here in Medellín, Colombia with an “amiga” and her “hijo” (child). And keeping in mind that I was there I heard an American commit an error with his articulation.

He articulated the Spanish letter “z” with the humming sound that we use as English speakers when we articulate the letter “z” in English. He committed the error with this Spanish word:

1. Zoológico (zoo)

The Spanish letter “z” sounds increasingly like the English letter “s.” So all things considered both “casar” (to get hitched) and “cazar” (to chase) sound precisely the equivalent. What’s more, except if you are focusing on the setting of a discussion, you won’t know whether somebody is getting hitched or chasing.

However, I surmise a few people would contend that there isn’t a very remarkable distinction between the two.

Before I go, here are some Spanish jargon words that I heard utilized at the “zoológico” today. These words will show you how to state the names of various creatures in Spanish.

1. Hipopótamo – hippopotamus

2. Rinoceronte – rhinocerous

3. Chimpancé – chimpanzee

4. Lechuza/búhou – owl

5. Gallinazo/buitre/zamuro – vulture

Note that the Paisas (People of Medellín utilize “gallinazo” however I have heard Spanish speakers from different spots utilize the words “buitre” and “zamuro” for the English word “vulture.”)

6. Bisonte/búfalo – buffalo/wild ox

7. Cebra – zebra

8. Mariposa – butterfly

9. Leopardo – panther

The “bisonte” caused me to feel comfortable and brought back a couple of cherished recollections. I surmise you could state we shared something for all intents and purpose:

That is on the grounds that I saw a “letrero” (sign) close to the “bisonte” that said “Regalo de zoológico del Bronx, Nueva York.” Which signifies “Blessing from the Bronx Zoo, New York.”

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